Our Youth Are Important to Us

Rev. Glenn Rounseville

Our Youth Groups are available to youth from Grade 2 to High School and under are the direction of our Youth Pastor, the Rev. Glenn Rounseville.

A Note from Pastor Glenn

5 CENT DEPOSIT BOTTLES AND CANS  Please note we are accepting donations of bottles and cans toward the youth fund. There are barrels clearly marked in the Vestry and upstairs on the landing near the Church Office in the the Christian Education Building. If you have a lot all at once please see Pastor Glenn to rope it in. (Please do not throw trash in the barrels as that slows things down!)  Thank you for your help!

Thank you for the on-going donations of snacks, bottled water, brownie and other mixes!!  It is all very much appreciated!!


Pastor Glenn

Youth Group

October 2018 Gatherings


Sunday, October 21st—CROPWALK/Attleboro. All ages encouraged to Walk with our Youth Group—Families and Singles—we invite you to join us! We will be raising money for this Walk to help alleviate hunger around the World and in our own communities. We raised $1,000.00 last year! See Pastor Glenn to sign up to walk.

YOUTH BAKE SALE  will be held after the 10:00am Worship Service on Sunday, October 28th in the Vestry (church basement). Donations of mixes—especially chocolate—will be sought prior to the sale. Your support and help during baking and on Sale day are greatly appreciated.


We will be exploring the larger-than-life characters—some identified as the Heroes of our Faith in the Bible. We will look at what made them heroes and also their very human side and definite need for God. We will be beginning with Noah and work our way through Jesus’ disciples. All students in grades 5-8 are invited to join us and feel free to bring a friend! See you all soon!


Our collection is on-going! Please save all those 5 cent bottles and cans for us! Bring them in after your holiday parties and gatherings all year long! We have a bin in the office landing at the top of the stairs in the CE Building and in the Vestry way in the back near the Nursery Care Room. Please remember to rinse out the bottles and cans and to sort out any trash that may have found it’s way into the bag. We appreciate your donations!

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* We have three Youth Groups!  

  Explorers - Grades 2-5

  Tweens - Grades 6-8

  Sr. High - Grades 9-12

*Friends are always welcome!

* October - Making a difference in our  

   world with the CROPWALK FOR HUNGER

* Bake Sale Oct 28th